Kitaguni Bussan

FLOWFor First Time Customers

  • STEP 1Request for quotation
    Please use estimate form on this site to request a quote for the product you wish to purchase.
  • STEP 2Quotation reply
    We will send you a quotation or a price list via email.
  • STEP 3Order
    If you agree with the contents of the quotation, please send us an order form by e-mail.The order form can be in your company's format.
  • STEP 4Invoice
    We will send you an invoice by e-mail.Please wire transfer the invoiced amount to our bank account.
  • STEP 5Transfer confirmation
    After confirming that the invoice amount has been transferred to our bank account, we will begin arranging the shipment of the product.
  • STEP 6Shipping the product
    After the product is shipped, we will notify you of the courier delivery slip number.
  • STEP 7delivery of materials
    We will deliver the product to the location you specified in advance, so please pick it up.

Delivery area/delivery method

We deliver anywhere in Japan. (※Limited to Yamato Transport cool delivery areas.)

About delivery date

▼ If there is stock in the freezer

After receiving your order by phone, fax, or email, we will ship it the same day or the next day.

▼ If the freezer is out of stock

As soon as the arrival date of the product is confirmed, we will notify you by email of the expected delivery date.

※We do not ship on Sundays or holidays. ※Since the item will be shipped from Hokkaido, the arrival date will vary depending on the destination.

About payment methods

Bank transfer (shipped after payment is confirmed)

Information on estimates and paid samples

Prices vary depending on the quantity ordered and delivery address, so we will provide you with an individual quote.

Click here to request a quote (free)

Paid samples will be sent to you via courier service (cash on delivery) after payment has been received.

Click here to apply for a paid sample

When placing an official order, we will discuss with the customer each time whether to use courier service or truck delivery for delivery, depending on the quantity and destination, and will propose the cheapest shipping method.

Please feel free to contact us

  • We welcome not only large-volume orders and ongoing transactions, but also one-time or small-quantity transactions.
  • We will respond kindly and quickly to any inquiries regarding price, quantity, and delivery date.

We can prepare crabs of various types, grades, ranks, and price ranges according to customer requests, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

For customers who wish to make proposals

  • example) I'm planning an all-you-can-eat crab event, but I would like you to suggest the best crab.
  • example) I would like to use crab to enhance the variety of my dishes, but I would like someone to suggest the most suitable crab.

If you are having trouble choosing crabs, please contact kitaguni Bussan. At kitaguni Bussan, we will propose the best crab to suit your needs.

Click here to request a proposal

If you are in a hurry, please contact us by phone!


Business hours:Weekdays 9:30~17:00

Company introduction

Inworld Kitaguni Bussan retails, wholesales, and exports Hokkaido products (sweets, seafood, cosmetics, etc.). In Asakusa, Tokyo, we operate a store that sells Hokkaido specialties to tourists.

  • Inworld Co., Ltd.
    Inworld Co., Ltd.
    Inworld Co., Ltd. develops business for inbound tourists (foreign tourists visiting Japan).
  • Fresh fish sales overseas
    Fresh fish sales overseas
    Inworld Kitaguni Bussan exports seafood caught in Hokkaido and processed seafood products in Hokkaido overseas.
  • Kitaguni Bussan
    Kitaguni Bussan
    Kitaguni Bussan is a store in Asakusa, Tokyo that sells Hokkaido specialties. We operate "Kitaguni Bussan" in Asakusa, Tokyo, which carries Hokkaido's specialty products.